Who should use a beam drilling line?

All of the VISTA CNC engineers are veteran with years experience in Structural Steel and heat exchange indurstries. The software VISTA CNC uses are endowed with strong function which can directly read DSTV, nc1 files as well as AutoCAD dxf files. We have professional engineers to upgrade our softwares and machines to meet marketing requirements.

Most of the mother machines VISTA CNC uses are imported from European. Such as Colgar CNC Boring and milling machines, gantry moving milling machines, and guideway grinder machines. All of these high-level mother machines guarantee the quality and precision of the parts used for VISTA CNC machines.

All of the important components of our machines are imported from abroad famous brands to ensure the perfect quality. Before using the components, our inspectors will test them rigorously. As for the VISTA CNC machines, we will test the machine for 72 hours running. Without any problem, then we can deliver to customer. VISTA CNC has manufactured CNC machine over 15 years, all of our assembly workers are experienced and have a lot of confidence on manufacturing and maintenance of CNC machines.

Now VISTA CNC has 3 oversea agencies in Iran, Russia and Indonesia. In addition, VISTA CNC has independent service department, which is a professional service team for domestic and oversea customers to provide the very best service.

Who should use a beam drilling line?

Automated Beam Line Cutting, Drilling, Marking and Coping for Structural Steel Fabricators by VISTA CNC. Overview the most comprehensive Line of CNC Structural Drilling Systems Available in the Market today! We have started a productivity revolution in structural steel fabrication.


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